Personal Politics and the bigger picture

January 20th 2021

Perhaps the world will adjust

Well while remainers refrain from screaming we told you so out loud, people like Roger Daltrey from the Who are upset because the UK refused the EU's offer of musician visas are complaining about this. This is the man who before Brexit was an ardent brexiteer. Who was so ignorant about how the world had changed thought it would be like touring in the 60s. Who called the EU the mafia. Now he wants special privileges for musicians when he couldn't care less about poorer musicians. Yeah.......

Every industry has this, had people who were on both sides, Brexiteers on the one side believing in the idea of milk and honey and how the EU were stopping us getting that milk and honey. On the other side the people who actually know about how the world works. Who chose to have family and friends and trade with the EU. Not all of us felt we were European. Some of us were pragmatic, who knew the EU had issues but realizes what it costs when you don't learn to compromise. We tried to tell you and got abuse, got called traitors, as you told us that we could leave if we didn't like it, while you did your level best to pull back the drawbridge.

When you were so spoiled as the boorish friend, when you spent all your time deliberately holding all of your friends back. So that when you decided you wanted to leave the game, you were surprised that your friends moved on, carried on and were able to start a new game together. Meanwhile you, the selfish boorish friend bullied the rest of your family and took them away from the game as well. Then you had the nerve to complain when your friends decided if you wanted to join in you would have to follow different rules. Meanwhile like any abusive partner you told your family, you are in charge and you will do your own game. "No you can't leave Scotland! Soon the Eire will come back to us, Wales just shut up, we conquered you centuries ago! You are all nothing without me, you can't leave till I say so! You'll never leave!"

Now remainers are being reminded to be nice, while people who sneered and abused us because we warned them what would happen whine about it. I find it really hard to sympathize as I start to negotiate residency in France. There was no point until we knew the terms of the deal. If we would have to start from scratch as 3rd party nationals. Feeling incredibly angry with the SNP as they dithered about, letting agreements expire and delaying another referendum, despite several electoral mandates. 4 years after the 2016 referendum is a long time to wait. Especially with the 2015 electoral results. Scots with an axe to grind against the SNP leadership may be doing so with a specific agenda, but it doesn't mean that they were wrong to question. It doesn't mean they should keep quiet about their doubts.

Scots in the EU have to trust that the SNP will actually either schedule a referendum and Scots will vote for it. Or that that the SNP will treat the Scottish Elections in may as a plebiscite for Indy. Time is running out, folks are angry and scared, and from the outside it looks like the leadership is running down the clock. I don't think it's on purpose, but knowing a little bit about the internal functions of the party before the referendum I suspect it's more incompetence (this by the way was while Salmond was still in charge. So don't just try to pin it on Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.) There are systematic issues and attitude in the party, I feel that it stems from growing so rapidly and many years in Government now.

While my hope diminishes for Indy, it has increased in the US. Although that mainly stems from Donald Trump not being the president anymore. That and the genuinely entertaining temper tantrum of legal challenges. I hope it damages the Republican party. Sadly people have very short memories. Now if the Senate can impeach Trump for encouraging sedition that would be nice. The Republicans will probably not be brave enough though. So we may well have a shit show to deal with in 2024.