The Web and the magic of storytelling

January 19th 2021

Why aren't spiders worshiped more as gods? When I look at a web that collects bits of debris I wonder did that inspire dream catchers? There's a sort of magic in a web.

There is magic and belief in the internet, there must be a form of it. You only need to look at the speculation about bitcoin and conspiracy theories like QAnon. On the one hand conspiracy theories are lies. On the other hand, on occasion a conspiracy is true.

Facts are not truth. Facts are information that can be used to prove a truth or gild a lie ensuring belief in it. Sometimes driven by greed, sometimes fear, sometimes just a sense that the world is unfair. There is a conspiracy though, that of distraction, the lie that if you support the conservatives everything that you hold dear will be preserved. We are fighting against entropy, we fight against chaos and to some extent the order of that chaos.

You need destruction to facilitate creation. The industrial revolution destroyed ways of lives for many people. Which meant that some ended up emigrating elsewhere. Facilitating new and old ideas and opportunities. The desire to close borders is stagnation, a useless prayer to the gods against the fear of chaos, being the fly caught in the web.

We should be wondering if we are in the center of the web or if we have just been at the side, the lure for the real prize. In which case what is the real prize, it's not just money. Money is like manna, like prayer, it's an invisible contract that relies on entropy. Perhaps it's power, which is after all what magic is about. An easy means for power over your life and sometimes others.

With this inauguration the thoughts of just who holds power is in my mind. Impeachment needs to happen, otherwise in 2024 we will have more of the same. There needs to be consequences.