On unintended consequences

January 18th

So folks who posted about going to the capitol and storm it are surprised when they get charged. They are surprised that they aren't getting a pardon. They claim that Trump told them to do it. In one particular example of a quine (Doric for woman, or girl), who should have been spanked not spoiled from an early age, she's upset her Realtor's business is suffering.

Turns out that Americans don't like it when you threaten their democracy and notice when you advertise that business on the steps of the capitol.

So many privileged folks who don't like consequences. Who don't want to be punished. This is the stark difference between white folks and other populations in America. In particular look at the stark difference between the BLM protests and the actual storming of the capitol. Not enough people will get punished either.

Meanwhile some right wing publications have noticed what those elsewhere realised. Turns out that the state apparatus using facial recognition is a scary thing, why oh why are the journalists supporting the search. Truth is journalists warned you about Law enforcement turning to AI and facial recognition, but most of you didn't worry.

I wonder what the correlation between ring customers/next door and those who stormed the Capitol are? This is the example to use. Yes they were breaking the law, but they saw themselves as patriots. I saw those images of the insurrectionists and I saw people who were romanticised by a toxic mixture of their history and Trump. This is the outcome of a belief in a Manifest destiny that saw millions oppressed and killed over centuries. Only when the ultimate outcome fits some richer folks cosplaying as poorer folks do they see the danger in such an apparatus.

In a similar way the folks who voted for Brexit have romanticised their own history of the Second World War, while listening to a bunch of people educated as privileged establishments that have turned out the same sorts of people for empire for hundreds of years. This is the culture on both sides of the Atlantic, and it comes from similar roots that started hundreds of years before the 13 colonies. It's entrenched and an outsider like Trump grifted them all. Like how Hitler grifted the German elite into thinking he was an useful idiot. Like we did with Boris.

The idiots aren't the only ones to worry about, its who they surround themselves with, who also is involved with that.

America has a sliver of hope, which depends on Black voters keeping the pressure on. Keep voting, because the other side is waiting for you to tire of voting to give up on democracy. Don't believe me look at Cambridge Analytica and Trinidad and Tobago and their elections.

As for the UK. It's broken, very nearly beyond repair, there is an 80 seat majority, and Scotland's about to have it's MPs reduced again. The only hope the Scots have is Indy and folks are loosing their faith. Hold strong.