Cuckoos and Empire

January 10th 2021

As the world waits to see if Mike Pence actually has the balls to invoke the 25th Amendment it's a bit chilly in France.

Various European countries consider if they need to go into full lockdown or if curfew is enough. Curfew, isn't enough. We need full quarantine or lockdown as it's known. Because Europe was open in the summer and for Christmas Covid will continue, probably into 2022 possibly 2023 with new and interesting mutations. People don't get how to mask up, or if they do rebel against the very idea of their movements being restricted. I call these people selfish bastards.

These are the people who believe in the status quo and those who can't hack it should just die. They won't admit that of course, but how else can you see people who deliberately don't mask up and breath on others. How else can you see people who deliberately don't socially distance for even 10 minutes? How else can you see people who genuinely feel that trying to help humanity survive a plague infringes on their freedoms and if you want to help humanity you are one of the sheeple. This is the ultimate destination of policies like Thatcherisim and Reaganomics. It's the idea that you should look after yourself and others should too. Its the idea that if someone needs help you should despise them a little.

Humanity is an odd species, on the one hand we learned to co-operate on the other hand we believe in our individual liberties. It's only when some people are affected by Covid either by direct infection or a family member that they see the danger. Unless you are a personality who depends on a bit of controversy, then you just keep shilling what makes you and your friends rich.

Covid at the moment is the perfect cover for the shit show that's Brexit, and the Scots have the fight of their lives for Indy. We can't even agree what's the best option. Although I would argue that doing something is better than standing still. Which is what alot of Scots fear. We have resources like water, oil and people. The water and the people are the most important things. Us being independent will not come easily as the UK wants to secure it's Northern Border, never forget that. It's why Edward Hammer of the Scots sought to put John Baliol on the throne as a client king. Its the reason for the rough wooing, and the eventual seduction of James the 6th to take the English Crown.

The English Crown and Westminster has always sought to make Scotland another region. It's always sought to influence our politics and leaders. Our private schools molding the next generation of civil servants and politicians. London like all World Capitols swallows our best and brightest training them for Union and Empire. Despite the fact that the Empire is dead. It's why you have Scots like Michael Gove in the Vote Leave Campaign. There's nothing worse than a native who sides with the invaders for personal gain. You see it now with the Scottish Conservatives with Ruth Davidson, someone who was touted as progressive but turned out to be a social climbing Pecksniff like the best of them. Leaping at the chance to sell Scotland down the river, out of Europe for the chance to sit in the house of Lords. That's the thing with not living in a true democracy, when the upper house isn't elected but filled with whoever the government wants to reward you increase the second estate. I really need to finish Leviathan. Nothing has really changed in the hundreds of years since it was written.