January 5th 2021

Lockdown has now started in England. France will soon be back in Lockdown and everyone is worried about this virulent strain.

Thing is, we wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for the fact that in the UK and France (other bits of Europe to probably) folks were not patient enough to stay home during the summertime. Everyone seemed to need to go on holiday. So then they wondered why COVID didn't go away. Halloween/toussaint happened, thanksgiving, and then Christmas. We are seeing a spike that reminds me of when Italy got walloped last March.

We are not far off doctors in England having to make the heartbreaking choices that Italian doctors had to make for who to give critical care to. The NHS has been chronically underfunded in the Conservatives scheme to make us have to get private healthcare. The health of a nation is what makes a modern progressive nation. Westminster politicians should be ashamed of themselves for their failure to prevent this. Instead Jeremy Corbyn was chosen, a man who was a euro skeptic. A man who now with his attitude has condemned generations of Britons to poverty and ill health.

The Conservatives will dismantle everything that made the UK a progressive educated nation. People like Nigel Farage never wanted the masses to have healthcare, or free Education or opinions. Scotland has the chance to ensure we follow the Finnish model, we started with the baby box. Why not UBI? Lets ensure free healthcare, free education, and housing for those that need it. Lets be a progressive nation in Europe. Our most powerful resource that keeps our infrastructure are our workers. If they don't have free childcare then someone has to stay at home. You cannot develop new technologies without different people who have new ways of thinking. They can't think if they have to worry about being ill, or a member of a family being ill and risking bankruptcy.

On occasion British media wonders "why don't we have a google?, why do entrepreneurs go to America?" Not all of them do. But why try to replicate a broken and parasitic way of innovation.

Far better to join in with the EU and develop new, greener technologies as part of a modern infrastructure. Far better to enact social change so that the most important and overlooked part of that infrastructure is maintained and improved.

That's people. Human beings are capable of so much. But it's very hard to achieve great things when you are worried about money. Or kept down by an aging, no longer fit for purpose philosophy of a country.