January 4th 2021

Finally Scotland is in lockdown. Nicola Sturgeon announced it today, and a little while later Boris Johnson leaked that he is going to announce a lockdown to Robert Peston.

Yet again it comes down to the cave. Britain's who are resident nominally in the EU are being turned away at the EU border as the UK being an at risk third country means that there is a larger burden of proof of residency now. Brett and I are not even risking any borders until we know we can stay in France legally.

But with a larger incidence of covid cases by a huge margin in England compared to Scotland, I can't help but wonder if the Scottish Government should just declare UDI. I reckon the majority of the Scots would support her. Especially as the mainstream media appear to be morons or really very corrupt. With column spacing being given to anti-vaxers and Covid Skeptics. Boris Johnson on Sunday stated in an interview that Scotland could have a referendum in 2055. So it's useless asking for permission to hold a referendum. We need to make the Holyrood elections a plebiscite.

More to the point the SNP need to start now and explicitly state the Indy angle to us. Bugger the Section 30. The Prime Minister of the UK just made that argument dead in the water. So make the case to the electorate. Some of us still have the right to vote who live in Europe, given the fact that we are utterly fucked and face a mountain of paperwork in order to get residency, here's a vote winner there for you.

We Indy folk are losing faith in the party that the stated aim is Independence. I mean how mad is that. The SNP need to win the Scots in their own party back otherwise the ISP will split the vote and the Unionists will win.

We also as a nation need to be prepared. Westminster has a history of not letting its colonies go easily. Look at Ireland. We cannot depend on the eyes of the world being on Westminster either. This is a Government with Priti Patel, the Home Office Minister who wants to bring back Capital Punishment. We have water and other important resources. That's before you even get to the people that Scotland produces. We are a well educated populace who in the old days of empire were complicit in the atrocities committed in it's name. Either by enabling it by logistics or by being soldiers directly brutalizing the local populace of a colony.

We can do this. If we want to be part of the EU again, we have no choice. We must do this.